Respect of our fields

attention, patience and dedication


We can assure that our products are 100% italian: 80% of the tomatoes processed are harvested less than 50km from our processing plants, in the area where the most envied culinary inventions in the world come from. It’s the same land where we were born and grow up , passing on from generation to generation the passion we’ve got since over 120 years. There is a strong connection with our farmers which selected every years the best fruits which will became Rodolfi’s products.

Field preparation

The preparation of the field starts in autumn. The land is plowed, fertilized and weeded to accommodate the new tomato seedlings.

Controlled cultivation

For three months, we protect our fields. For us the principal key is that the plant grows strong and lush. This is important because what is done on the field by our farmers is part of what will be in your kitchen: and for us nothing is more important than to bring in your house the best quality. We do it in a genuine way, mixed our farmers’ knowledge with the most modern systems of coltivation.


Just when the tomato gets red it becames a ripe, tasty fruit, and ready to get harvested and moved to our company.


The tomato arrive in our processing plants within 24 hours from the tomato harvested. Here it gets checked, cleaned and selected: just the best fruits became Rodolfi’s products.

Sustainability production

An advanced system of filtration and purification allows to recycle the water used for preliminary processing activities, such as unloading and transportation of tomatoes. Approximately 70% of total water consumption comes from recycled sources. Thanks to photovoltaic energy system installed on the rooftop of our warehouses, 13% of Rodolfi total consumption of electricity comes from it.


We choose to adopt policies to preserve the environment which means a correct usage of the resources throughout the food chain. Because of the strong focus we have regarding the impact of our actions on the environment, the product’s packaging are subjected to strict hygienic, environmental and social standards. We revisited the packaging system in order to minimize the quantity of unnecessary materials.


The secret recipes that makes our products unique.


Quality and passion for the tomato pass on from generations to generations.