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Finely crushed tomatoes with a velvety texture, to bring on your table all the freshness of the tomatoes.

Delicious chopped tomatoes, obtained from the heart of sun-ripened tomatoes.

Tomato paste has a intense red color and the typical fragrance of the ripe tomato. Tasty and wholesome, it's what you need to give your plates a gourmet touch.

Crushed tomato lightly evaporated is perfect to give your pizza the tipical taste of fresh italian tomatoes. Its consistency is ideal to leave pizza dought dry.

Dense and tasty, Super Pizza is perfect to give to the pizza its unmistakable fragrance and the authentic flavor of fresh tomatoes and oregano.

Polpa enriches its recipe with a spicy touch to makes your pizza a unique dish.

A simple ready sauce with tomato and vegetables to taste all the flavour in the recipe.

Ripe tomato and fresh basil, as Italian tradition required.

A thick and tasty crushed tomato, ideal for pizzerias.

Creamy tomato puree with intense flavour and wihout seeds and peels.

Prodotti 1-10 di 14