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All the freshness of the fruit to bring to your recipes the taste of the tomato just picked.

Chopped tomato Alpino come from our best tomatoes, harvested and processed within 24 hours from the fields of Pianura Padana to our processing plants. Colorants and preservatives free: just the exposure to sunlight ensures proper ripening of the fruit.

Made as the italian tradition requires, Alpino Tomato Puree is a guarantee in the kitchen to make several dishes.

It takes 6 kg of fresh tomatoes to make 1kg of Double Concentrated Tomato. It keeps the quality and the flavour of the fresh tomato just picked.

Whole peeled tomatoes after a selection and cleaning process, are heated to make easier the skin removal and to obtain the right product for all the preparations in the kitchen.

Finely crushed tomatoes with a velvety texture, to bring on your table all the freshness of the tomatoes.

Delicious chopped tomatoes, obtained from the heart of sun-ripened tomatoes.

Tomato paste has a intense red color and the typical fragrance of the ripe tomato. Tasty and wholesome, it's what you need to give your plates a gourmet touch.

Crushed tomato lightly evaporated is perfect to give your pizza the tipical taste of fresh italian tomatoes. Its consistency is ideal to leave pizza dought dry.

Dense and tasty, Super Pizza is perfect to give to the pizza its unmistakable fragrance and the authentic flavor of fresh tomatoes and oregano.

Prodotti 1-10 di 19