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Ortolina was the first ready sauce on the market: since many years in the kitchens and in the hearts of Italians and it's still there. Since it was on the market it's synomimos of goodness and practicality. Only 100% italian tomato, many good vegetables and olive oil: genuine, simple and appetizing.

We have been producing and supplying tomato powder for over fifty years. Our modern production plants have been carefully designed and are continuously updated. We have three main production processes for tomato powder: a modern spray dry plant (Niro-FILTERMAT) atomization spray dry and a traditional system of drying roller.• a process with drying in the oven.

The tomato purée is prepared with fresh tomatoes, sieved and partially deprived of their water content. It is without seeds, skinless and with a creamy texture.

Chopped tomatoes are prepared with fresh tomatoes, peeled and cut into pieces. We produce diced tomatoes or crushed tomatoes which have two different processing methods.

The symbol of our company enriches its recipe, to make Ortolina sauce more delicious, perfect for who loves stronger taste.

We produce vegetables dehydrated using the Air Dry method, ie by bringing hot and dry air with washed and cut vegetables. This process, seemingly simple, requires a great technological and agricultural background, in order to maintain unchanged the characteristics of the fresh vegetables as much as possible. The offer of our vegetables includes: dried broccoli, cauliflower, pumpking and courgettes which are offered, depending on the product, in powder or into diced.

Ortolina Sauce Squeezer with 100% italian tomato and vegetables, in spicy version.

Simple and wholesome chopped tomato which keeps the taste of fresh tomato just picked.

Creamy Finely chopped tomatoes which preserves the taste and sweetness of the tomato.

Ortolina Passata gives to your plates all the freshness of the tomato just picked.

Prodotti 1-10 di 49